At the Advent of Literate Society, during the Mycenaean Civilization, an Abduction was Committed,
Envoys sent and returned with release demand Refuted by the Abductor, even by His People,
to where there were Kings, Lords and Princes, emissaries Heralded of what had been Committed by
the Trojan shepherd Prince a 'pon Greece,

The Greek city-states Infuriated by the Abduction of their Obsession, All Rallied to
the Atreidian Call, gathering some Thousand Ships all Manned for War, and then,
Hailed as King of Kings, the Mycenaean King's ego Inflated and Billowed, till he
believed No More in the Gods. When by Reckless Disrespect for the Gods, a Loved Artemis
deer was by Atreides felled; thus, a Windless Dead Calm befell a 'pon Aulis,
Out from within the Silence, a Trusted Seer Saw a most Unfortunate Resolve,
the Mycenaean King's daughter, Iphigenia, Had to be Sacrificed to Appease the Deity of
the Winds.

A clank of Bronze rang a 'pon stone.

And her Mother, Sister of the Abductee, Wife of the King, Wailed above
the Chorus of Wailers, heads bowed, wide-eyed faces faced each other, heads turned away,
Uncle of the girl, Brother of the King, Husband of the Abductee stood stoic,
the King's face wrinkled into a pained Attican mask, Stared at his wetted hands,
Atredian Red spilled. And it ran from the stone altar. . . . it pooled Black at His feet.
And gentle nature sighed,
Appeased, Aeolus released his wind Billowing the stood Black vessels veils; thus, into
the fiery rising sun sped the Grecians a 'pon the Egeo's Blue Pelagos, making for
the Golden city of Tory, to recover Their most Treasured Creation, the Most
Beautiful Woman in the World, Their Helen of